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Citizens Advice Medway is a registered charity that offers free, independent and impartial advice to the whole of Medway on a range of issues including Housing, Welfare Benefits, Employment, Debt, Family Law and many others.

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As well as helping people to solve their problems, Citizens Advice aims to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives. We do this try and prevent these problems happening again.

To do this, we have a dedicated Research and Campaigns team at Citizens Advice Medway. They collect evidence of the causes of people’s problems which is then used to raise awareness and challenge the people and policies responsible.

We focus on issues that impact a lot of people in the area and which keep happening to people, but everybody’s problem is considered as a possible Research and Campaigns issue. Since we collect evidence on issues that are present at local and national levels, we work on some campaigns that affect our local residents and others that affect the national population.

Our three main local campaigns at the moment are:

  1. Housing and homelessness
  2. Mental health services and support
  3. Digital inclusion

These campaigns are some of the biggest issues affecting the clients who come through our doors. We also run shorter campaigns throughout the year and take part in national events with other organisations, for instance Big Energy Saving Week and Scams Awareness Month. We have also conducted a Financial Debt Survey across Medway in the hopes of determining why people borrow and the problems this can cause.

All of our volunteers inform their clients about our R&C team. Everybody at Citizens Advice Medway is encouraged to participate and help the public in this way.

If you would like to let us know about a problem you think is affecting people in Medway, contact the Research and Campaigns team. You can do this by sending an email to or by calling 01634 383760 and asking to speak to a member of the team.

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  • Medway Dementia Action Alliance - Press Release

    Medway Dementia Action Alliance - Press Release

    3rd April 2017

    ‘MEDWAY PROJECT WILL CONTINUE TO STRIVE FOR DEMENTIA FRIENDLY SOCIETY, THANKS TO FUNDING’ A project aimed at increasing awareness of dementia and battling the stigma of the disease will continue, thanks to funding secured by Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway. Medway Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) has already made a huge impact on improving the lives of people affected by dementia in the area in the 2 years it has been running. The aim of the Dementia Action Alliance is to help create a community where people with dementia feel confident, understood and supported to live well – a cause that Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway passionately believe in and were determined to see continue. Following an end to funding, the DAA would have been unable to continue operating with a member of support staff until Citizens Advice Medway and Healthwatch Medway secured external funding to ensure that the Alliance was able to continue its work. Jane Page,...

  • National Consumer Week 2016

    National Consumer Week 2016

    29th November 2016

    Buying Electrical Goods #SwitchedOn Electrical goods cover everything from tumble dryers to mobile phones and drones. Knowing your rights and understanding product safety will help you make informed choices when buying electrical goods. Find out more about our campaign here. Before...

  • Stop Loan Sharks Campaign

    Stop Loan Sharks Campaign

    8th November 2016

    Citizens Advice Medway has teamed up with the Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) once again. Using proceeds of crime taken from convicted illegal money lenders, the IMLT has issued funding to various organisations to run individual campaigns aimed at helping to raise awareness of the pitfalls...

  • Big Energy Saving Week 2016

    Big Energy Saving Week 2016

    2nd November 2016

    Big Energy Saving Week (31 October - 6 November) is a national campaign run by Citizens Advice, Energy Saving Trust (EST) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The campaign aims to help people to cut their energy costs by following a three-step rule - check,...

  • Policing in Kent 2017-2021: Autumn 2016 Survey

    20th October 2016

    As the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent & Medway, Matthew Scott has issued a survey so members of the public can assist with creating the Police and Crime Plan. This sets out the strategic priorities for Kent Police. The existing plan which can be viewed at...

  • 'Individuality' Launched to Tackle Hate Crime - Press Release

    'Individuality' Launched to Tackle Hate Crime - Press Release

    19th October 2016

    ‘INDIVIDUALITY LAUNCHED TO TACKLE HATE CRIME’ MEDWAY, UNITED KINGDOM Citizens Advice Medway has launched its new project to tackle Hate Crime across Kent and Medway. ‘Individuality’ which is being launched in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott, will raise...

  • Evidence on Personal Independence Payments

    Evidence on Personal Independence Payments

    27th September 2016

    Citizens Advice has published its latest evidence on Personal Independence Payments (PIP). PIP is a benefit that people can claim to help with additional living costs if they have an illness, disability or mental health condition. The benefit is awarded based on the impact these health...

  • Scam Citizens Advice Calls - Press Release

    Scam Citizens Advice Calls - Press Release

    5th September 2016

    ‘SCAM PHONE CALLS DO NOT REPRESENT CITIZENS ADVICE’ MEDWAY, UNITED KINGDOM Citizens Advice Medway has discovered that people are receiving unsolicited phone calls from a mobile number claiming to represent Citizens Advice. The mobile number 07902473954 has been telephoning people at...

  • Maternity Rights - Press Release

    Maternity Rights - Press Release

    24th August 2016

    ‘KNOW YOUR MATERNITY RIGHTS’ MEDWAY, UNITED KINGDOM CITIZENS ADVICE is publishing new advice to ensure that people know their maternity rights at work. Citizens Advice is keen to ensure that everybody is aware of their maternity rights in order to prevent employers taking advantage of...

  • Scams Awareness Month

    Scams Awareness Month

    15th July 2016

    This July is Scams Awareness Month 2016. We’re encouraging everyone to take the following three steps to tackle scams and protect themselves and others: GET advice from the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline by calling 03454 04 05 06, who can provide advice and pass details on to ...

  • EU Referendum - Press Release

    EU Referendum - Press Release

    28th June 2016

    ‘WORRIED ABOUT HOW YOU’LL BE AFFECTED BY BREXIT? CITIZENS ADVICE MEDWAY IS HERE TO HELP’ MEDWAY, UNITED KINGDOM Last Thursday the people of the UK voted to leave the EU. Over the weekend, and for many weeks and months to come, much will be said about the next steps for Britain and how...

  • Living in Medway Survey Results

    Living in Medway Survey Results

    28th April 2016

    Citizens Advice Medway ran a survey from December 2015 to April 2016 entitled ‘Living in Medway’. We wanted to hear from people living, working and studying in Medway about their biggest concerns and where they think life in Medway needs to be improved. The main conclusions we have drawn are...

  • Hate Crime Survey

    20th April 2016

    What are hate incidents and hate crimes? Hate incidents and hate crime are acts of violence or hostility, directed at particular people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are. For example, you may have been verbally abused by someone in the street because you’re disabled or...

  • Post in the Digital Age

    Post in the Digital Age

    8th March 2016

    Post in the Digital Age - Research by national Citizens Advice into what it means for Consumers. From drone deliveries, 3D printing to the sharing economy, the options for sending and receiving goods on the horizon seem endless, and the more unconventional the better. But what are the chances...

  • Survey: Living in Medway

    7th March 2016

    Citizens Advice Medway would like to hear from you about the biggest issues affecting Medway locally. The survey, called Living in Medway, only takes 5 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. Click here to take the survey online (or you can also request paper copies from us...

  • Christmas Tips

    14th December 2015

    Christmas can be a wonderful time... but it can also be a challenging one financially. We've put together a list of top tips to help you to be a clever Christmas consumer over the last two weeks before Christmas. 15th December - Be smart about your Christmas Cards. 16th December - Don't leave...

  • Big Energy Saving Week 2015

    Big Energy Saving Week 2015

    26th October 2015

    Medway Power Watch: Helping you to save energy and save money. Citizens Advice Medway is pleased to announce a new project called Medway Power Watch. The project is being launched as part of Big Energy Saving Week 2015 and aims to help people in Medway to save money on their energy bills...

  • Scams Awareness Month 2015

    Scams Awareness Month 2015

    3rd July 2015

    Scams Awareness Month 2015: July 2015 is Scams Awareness Month. Citizens Advice and a number of other organisations, such as Action Fraud and Age UK, are working together with the public to raise awareness of scams and help the people who have fallen victim to them. If you or someone you know...

  • Settled and Safe - A renter's right:

    Settled and Safe - A renter's right:

    20th February 2015

    Settled and Safe - A renter's right: Citizens Advice is running a campaign in England throughout 2015 aimed at improving the private rented sector. Help us end retaliatory eviction The government has tabled amendments to the Deregulation Bill which will see an end to retaliatory evictions....

  • Fundraising from Galaxy Hot Chocolate

    Fundraising from Galaxy Hot Chocolate

    9th January 2015

    Fundraising from Galaxy Hot Chocolate: We are currently looking for additional funding to help us provide a much needed Outreach service for clients with mental health issues. Our local hospital, Medway Maritime, will be closing their acute patients beds in May 2015. Currently, in-patients are...

  • December Update

    December Update

    23rd December 2014

    Universal access to fee-free bank accounts agreed: Our campaign for new fee-free basic bank accounts took a big step forward this week. With the Treasury announcing that major banks have now committed to introduce new fee-free basic bank accounts, the poor deal for consumers without a full bank...

  • October Update

    October Update

    29th October 2014

    Scottish Power Complaints: Complaints about Scottish Power have doubled since the beginning of the year, the biggest rise of any large energy supplier, the latest energy complaints league table from Citizens Advice has revealed. Changes to their billing system has left Npower at...

  • Fair Play for Prepay Campaign

    Fair Play for Prepay Campaign

    23rd September 2014

    Citizens Advice is the statutory consumer watchdog for energy customers. We are running a national campaign, to get a fairer deal for energy customers with a prepayment meter. What’s the issue? Customers with prepayment meters too often receive poor service and a lack of choice. Prepayment meter...

  • Adding Up Campaign - School Costs

    Adding Up Campaign - School Costs

    21st August 2014

    Citizens Advice is running the Adding Up Campaign in order to find out more about the costs associated with children’s education. This campaign has been on-going for several years now and Citizens Advice is eager for parents to get involved over the Summer period as they begin buying new...

  • National Loan Shark Awareness Campaign

    National Loan Shark Awareness Campaign

    3rd July 2014

    The England Illegal Money Lending Team, which works in partnership with local Trading Standards departments around the country to tackle loan sharks, is launching an awareness campaign to reach private rented sector tenants throughout July 2014. Whilst anyone can be a victim of a loan shark,...

  • Advice for the Future Campaign

    Advice for the Future Campaign

    18th June 2014

    What's the issue? Advice matters to the people we help and to society. We want free advice to continue and it’s time we shouted about what we do from the rafters, to let everyone - from the public we serve to the funders we depend on - know about the awesome work we do. The 75th birthday of...

  • Volunteers' Week

    Volunteers' Week

    2nd June 2014

    New survey reveals that six in ten people say volunteering reduces stress: Volunteers’ Week is a national annual event celebrating the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK. This year, it takes place from 1-7 June. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of Volunteers' Week. ...

  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Mental Health Awareness Week

    12th May 2014

    What is Mental Health Awareness Week? Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) runs from Monday 12th May to Sunday 18th May 2014. Every year, the Mental Health Foundation leads Mental Health Awareness Week. The purpose of the initiative is to raise public awareness of mental health...

  • Logbook Loans Campaign

    Logbook Loans Campaign

    7th April 2014

    What are logbook loans? Logbook loans, or bill of sale lending, is a high cost form of credit. A consumer will offer an item of their personal property (usually a car) as security for a loan they have taken. Interest rates are routinely circa 400 per cent annual repayment rate (APR) which...

  • Make ESA Fit For Work

    Make ESA Fit For Work

    17th February 2014

    Citizens Advice has launched a national campaign to run throughout 2014, aimed at improving the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) work capability assessment process. We need your help to make sure ESA decisions are right first time. In the last year Citizens Advice received around 500,000...

  • Big Energy Saving Week

    Big Energy Saving Week

    27th January 2014

    January 2014 marked the third Big Energy Saving Week; a national campaign run by Citizens Advice to help people cut their fuel bills and get all the financial support they are entitled to. Big Energy Saving Week ran from 27th-31th January 2014 with the aim of helping consumers...

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